MSK Lymphoma SPORE 2017-2018 Developmental Research Program (DRP) Awards

Hosted at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center – Funded by the National Institutes of Health


July 28, 2017


This RFA is designed to support young investigators as well as established investigators focusing on basic, translational, or clinical research of lymphoma. The primary objective of this DRP Award is to support pilot projects that explore innovative ideas in basic and translational research in lymphoma. Potential topics of interest include, but are not limited to:
• Pathogenesis
• Experimental therapeutics, including mechanism based combinations, and biomarker driven treatment strategies
• Immunology and immunotherapies
• Circulating tumor DNA


Investigators at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, Rockefeller University, Weill Cornell Medical Center, Columbia University, Mount Sinai Hospital, and NYU, are eligible.
Applicants must hold academic rank of Instructor, Assistant Professor, or higher.
Applicants must possess an MD, DO or a PhD degree in a relevant area of research. The pilot projects may be collaborative among scientists within one or more SPOREs, or with scientists outside the SPORE community including the international scientific community. High risk/high payoff pilot projects are especially encouraged. These pilot projects do not need to reach a human endpoint during the project period as do full projects, including the Developmental Research Program. Letters of collaboration (if if applicable)

Proposals cannot be currently funded by an extramural agency or foundation. The budget is limited to $50K/year (direct costs. No indirect costs).

Anticipated Funding Amount:

Each year, 3-4 applications will be funded. The maximum award will be $50,000 for one year. Applicants will be funded for a maximum of two years with funding for the second year contingent on documented significant progress during the first year of funding, and peer review evaluations.


Proposals cannot be currently funded by an extramural agency or foundation. The budget is limited to $50K/year (direct costs. No indirect costs). Proposals must be submitted to Felicia Reid by July 24th, 2017.

Research proposals must be no longer than 5 pages (excluding budget) and should follow the format for an R01 grant application; the length of the final proposal are limited to 6 pages. The proposals will require the following standard NIH format:
Format: Applications must be in 11-point Arial. Margins must be at least 0.50 inches wide on all sides of each page.
MSK Lymphoma SPORE
2017-2018 Developmental Research Program (DRP) Awards
1) Face Page (including Title, Name of Applicant, and Names of Key Collaborators)
2) Abstract (250 words max)
3) Research Plan (5-page limit). Include the following content: Specific Aims, Preliminary Studies, and Research Strategy (a. Significance, b. Innovation, c. Approach)
6) Research environment (1 page)
7) Include up to 6 Literature Citations
8) Human Subjects or Vertebrate Animals. (Please follow the NIH guidelines)
9) NIH Biosketch for all key personnel (5 pages each in NIH-specified format)
10) Budget and Budget Justification. Include a detailed NIH-format Budget for one year totaling $50,000 direct costs. The application must include a detailed budget for the initial year, a summary budget, and a budget justification.
All proposals will be reviewed by the scientific review committee and ad hoc reviewers, according to the following criteria, as relevant:
1. Scientific merit of the proposed project
2. Innovation
3. Approach
4. Qualifications of the investigator
5. Research environment
IRB approval (or waiver) will be required before funding if the study involves human subjects.
The DRP Review Committee will include 3 ad hoc members of the SPORE Internal Advisory Board Committee, and 3 ad hoc members of the SPORE External Advisory Board Committee, and 3 additional external reviewers from other lymphoma SPORES
Awards will begin in August 2017
Authors must cite the MSK Lymphoma SPORE (P50 CA192937) in the funding acknowledgements when submitting a manuscript based on research supported, in whole or in part, by this SPORE-Developmental Research Program.
Written progress and final reports will be required at the end of funding period. Any questions regarding this solicitation should be directed to Felicia Reid or to the DRP directors; Dr. John Leonard or Dr. Anas Younes
• Applications are due on July 24th, 2017
• Award Announcements by August 18th, 2017
• Award Start Date: August 30th, 2017

Proposals must be submitted electronically to Felicia Reid Proposals must be submitted as a compiled PDF document.
ADDITIONAL BUDGET INFORMATION: Up to $50K direct costs for one year, may be renewable for an additional year based on review
Expenditures allowed
1 Research supplies and animal maintenance.
2 Technical assistance.
3 Publication costs, including reprints.
4 Data analysis.
5 Special fees (pathology, photography, etc.).
6 Stipends for graduate students and postdoctoral fellows.
The following expenditures will not be considered:
1 Secretary or administrative personnel.
2 Office equipment or supplies.
3 Laboratory equipment or computers.
4 Tuition.
5 Foreign travel.
6 Honoraria and travel expenditures.
7 Recruitment.
8 Patient care charges (requires justification if a clinical trial is proposed).
9 Non-medical or personal services to patients.