Mathematical Sciences Research Institutes (NSF 17-553)


National Science Foundation


Letter of Intent (required): 5 PM EST December 14, 2018

Full Proposal:  5 PM EST March 14, 2019


Mathematical Sciences Research Institutes are national resources that aim to advance research in the mathematical sciences through programs supporting discovery and dissemination of knowledge in mathematics and statistics and enhancing connections to related fields in which the mathematical sciences can play important roles. Institute activities help focus the attention of some of the best mathematical minds on problems of particular importance and timeliness. Institutes are also community resources that involve a broad segment of U.S.-based mathematical sciences researchers in their activities. The goals of the Mathematical Sciences Research Institutes program include advancing research in the mathematical sciences, increasing the impact of the mathematical sciences in other disciplines, and expanding the talent base engaged in mathematical research in the United States.


 There are no eligibility restrictions.

Available Funding:

 Estimated Number of Awards: 5 to 8

Anticipated Funding Amount: $30,000,000

Link to Full RFP: